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Fotos Spoilers -

Mensagem  Pat em Sex Abr 10, 2009 3:58 pm

Mark Schwahn is directing Source

Remember Me as a Time of Day credit: curlyhead@FF

Added 5/13

Credit: BuddyTV

-Nathan makes his debut with the Charlotte Bobcats, wearing the jersey number 12. Haley and Jamie are present, with scenes taking place around the city of Charlotte.
-Brooke and Victoria have an emotional reconciliation, they’ll cry together and Brooke will finally hear all of the things she’s always longed for her mother to say.
-Chase and Mia go to Best Buy.
-Karen gives Lucas a letter from Lily. (credit curlyhead ff)
shuis119 @ imdb
Peyton wakes up from her “coma” about 15 min. in. The baby is fine, so is Peyton. They name her Sawyer.

Dan visits Whitey to apologize, Whitey puts a gun on the table. Dan breaks down and begs Whitey to shoot him, and Whitey hugs him and talks about redemption. Dan then visits Peyton’s house, while Lucas and Karen are at Keith’s grave, and Peyton lets him hold the baby for a minute.

Nathan gets called up to the NBA to play for the Charlotte Bobcats. He tricks Haley by saying he got let go from the Chiefs and wants to take her and Jamie to Charlotte for a trip. He says “I kind of have to be there since I’m a Bobcat now.” Haley hugs him. Mouth reports it on the news, which is how Jamie finds out.

Victoria tells Brooke everything she ever wanted to hear (I almost broke you, you’re so strong, etc.). Brooke calls her “mom” again and they hug. Victoria gives her back the company, but Brooke tells her she wants her to work in NY, since Millie is returning to Tree Hill. Victoria also tells Brooke to get on a plane to LA and tell Julian she loves him, because Victoria let a guy go once and has regretted it ever since. Brooke shows up on Julian’s movie set in LA, tells him she loves him and they kiss.

The episode ends with Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer in the Comet, going for a road trip. They ride off into the sunset, leaving it open for them to come back or not, I guess.

Added 5/1

Nathan must face Haley and Jamie after being released from the Chiefs; Peyton and Lucas receive an unexpected visit from Karen (Moira Kelly). credit: SpoilerTV

Added 4/11

Karen gives Lucas a letter from Lily. I think this is the scene where LK are on the porch steps and Luke is holding his new baby girl.

credit curlyhead FF

Added 4/9

Unless everything is a dream, expect a big reconciliation between Brooke and Victoria. They have an emotional conversation complete with hugs and tears at COB. Victoria will tell Brooke all of the things that Brooke has always longed to hear from her mother. Millie makes a brief appearance at COB during all of the mother/daughter bonding.

There was also a scene filmed with Brooke all dressed up entering COB. The store is back to looking more like a business place. I’m not sure, but this could be after a short time jump , because it appears that Brooke has regained what she had lost at the beginning of the season. Maybe this could be a dream. I don’t know. I just know it was filmed.

Kate and Stephen filmed at Best Buy. It appears to be part of a montage possibly. Mia is there signing copies of her new song for her many fans.

In the outside hospital scene mentioned upthread, Julian is definitely comforting Brooke.

Credit: curlyhead @ FF

Added 4/3

More 624 filming info for Tuesday 3/31:

It was just james, paul and barry for the scene in the rural location.
credit: Terpgirl23 @ othforums

Added 4/1

credit: curlyhead

Recent and future filming:

3/26: Chad, Hilarie, Sophia, James, Joy, Jackson, Austin, and Moira all filmed hospital scenes. Chad’s wedding shirt was bloody; Hilarie was in a hospital gown.

Daphne was also on set, but it is unclear what she filmed.

3/27: Lee filmed some scenes at the news station.

3/28: James, Joy, and Jackson filmed in Charlotte as part of the NBA story with Nathan. They filmed some scenes around the city and they filmed Nathan’s debut with the Bobacts during the Charlotte/New York halftime.

3/31: Antwon and Allyson are filming. There are also supposed to be scenes at Mouth/Skills’ apartment.

4/1: Sophia and Daphne are filming at COB.

Sophia and Austin filmed outside of the hospital today and then in the studio.They also filmed in some rural area, like near where Nanny Carrie’s house was.

Filming for season six finishes on Friday, 4/3.

credit to othforums

More 6.24 details: Cemetery:Nathan and Dan together in one scene. Dan alone in another.

LP house:

Karen and Lucas on the porch/steps. I’m almost positive that Lucas was holding the baby.

Karen and Lucas are walking down the street. They pass Dan. He looks remorseful. They sidestep him and walk around him.

Dan walks up the porch and sees Peyton holding her baby. They talk briefly, she lets him hold the baby, he hands her back, and then he walks away.
Lucas drives up in Peyton’s car, signals to her on the porch (she’s holding the baby). It looks like it is part of a montage. (very short, no dialogue)

From Missa:

I’ve never posted in this thread but I thought you guys might want to see this:

… The lights were dimmed at halftime to film a scene for the television show “One Tree Hill.” Character Nathan Scott was introduced as a Bobcats starter — seven times — to cheers from the crowd.

From Wallace dominates, Bobcats beat Knicks 96-85

These are from today’s filming in Charlotte.

From Ayan:

Added 3/31
Call Sheets for Wed. April 1 and Thursday April 2
Wednseay scene 15 is in the nursery with just lucas
scene 19 is the nursery with nathan haley and jamie
scene 25 nursery with peyton and karen
scene 56 is in the house with peyton and brooke
scene 63 is in the bedroom with lucas and peyton
Added 3/26

We went to Cornell for a few minutes and were going back now. The baby left and Moira is there. I’m thinking its def the baby being born since Hilarie was sporting a hospital gown. The core 5 are all present, as well as Jamie. But not Skills, or Mouth

credit: Taylor @ FF

Paul, Moira, Chad, and Hilarie all filmed at LP’s house. (credit to Natalie)

Other finale news: (from anonymous)

Dan visits Whitey at his house.

Sam moves out of Brooke’s house before 6.24.

Paul and James filmed at the rivercourt tonight credit othforums

from what erica said, this is how it went down. (using character names) luke helps peyton & baby (yes baby) into the comet. one of the two of them straps the kid in the car seat. (they switched it up)they get in the front seat, kiss, and drive away down the road. according to erica they did this for like 3 hours straight…

Pictures from Filming.
Musings of Maygen Lauren: one tree hill season 6 finale!!! legit spoilers *with pics*

via Ayan@FF
Added 3/22

And also from Melissa:
They’re supposed to be filming back at Greenfield Park/Lake on Monday

Filming for episode 6.24 will be until April 2.

3/22 filming (Sunday)

“It’s Chad and Hilarie in the comet driving (this is for 6.24; MS directing and someone said they saw a baby chair in the back then they said cut and we walked back to base camp where we saw CH driving back in the comet and go into their trailers.

“Rivercourt scene: Dan picks up and stares at a basketball. (possibly scene 52). Mark also directed this scene, so it is also for 6.24.” (from Corey and Janie)

Added 3/17

Whitey and Karen return for the last episode, 6.24. (source: “friend”) source:curlyhead@FF

Filming Monday 3/16

Scene 11 Mia and Chase after the wedding at TRIC

thursday says scene 1 hospital hallway lucas and peyton
scene 6 in the hallway just peyton
scene 7 in the hospital bathroom just lucas
scene 8 in the operating theater lucas and peyton
scene 13 and 14 operating room the core 5 and julian
scene 16 hospital lucas and peyton
scene 20 hospital core 5 karen jamie and julian
Credit: cj33

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fotos Spoilers - 6.21 - "A Kiss To Build A Dream On"

Mensagem  Pat em Dom Abr 12, 2009 7:29 pm


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6.20 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Brooke/Victoria/Sam

Mensagem  Pat em Ter Abr 14, 2009 10:51 pm


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OTH 6.21 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Peyton/Mia "A Kiss To Build A Dream On"

Mensagem  Pat em Ter Abr 21, 2009 6:50 pm


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Episode 6.21 Haley and Peyton Sneak Peak

Mensagem  Pat em Sex Abr 24, 2009 11:07 pm

Confira o Sneak Peak de Peyton e Haley do próximo episódio de OTH.

Clique aqui

Ou assistam aqui mesmo:


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Season 6 Episode 23 Forever and Almost Always 6.23 Spoilers

Mensagem  Pat em Sab Abr 25, 2009 12:35 am

Filming began 3/11 PM

“Forever and Almost Always”

WEDDING DAY FOR PEYTON AND LUCAS, NICK LACHEY GUEST STARS — Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Lucas’ (Chad Michael Murray) wedding day has finally arrived and surprise guests attend. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) plays an unexpected role in the ceremony while Nathan (James Lafferty) hopes to be called up to the NBA. Skills (Antwon Tanner) keeps Jamie (Jackson Brundage) on a short leash, and Brooke (Sophia Bush) does the same with Nick Lachey (appearing as himself). Greg Prange directed the episode written by Mark Schwahn.

"O dia do casamento de Peyton (Hilarie Burton) e Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) finalmente chegou, e vai contar com um convidado especial surpresa. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) tem um papel inesperado na cerimônia, enquanto (Nathan James Lafferty) espera ser chamado para NBA. Skills (Antwon Tanner) mantém Jamie (Jackson Brundage) na rédea curta, e Brooke (Sophia Bush) faz o mesmo com Nick Lachey (interpretando ele mesmo)"

General Spoilers

Brooke brings Lucas the tuxedos for the wedding. He informs her that Julian is coming to the wedding with Missy.
Lucas and Haley’s prediction box returns! I’m not sure who reads from it, but I think it’s before the wedding credit: curlyhead@FF
Julian tells Peyton that he misses Brooke. (credit to PeytonSawyer1137)
Lucas and Peyton get married at a lake and have a wedding reception at TRIC

Julian and Nick Lachey fight

Filming Spoilers

Added 3/26

Additional stuff for 6.23 (from anonymous)

Before the wedding, Brooke has a discussion with Julian and Missy. I think this is the first time she has seen him since he left TH.

Added 3/22

Last day of filming for 6.23 is Monday, March 23.

Hilarie and Sophia filmed at COB on 3/20. Peyton tries on wedding veils.(from Natalie @FF)

Also, on 3/20: Austin and Daphne filmed at COB. We are pretty sure this is for 6.24.

The Comet was parked in front of the store. It had a baby seat in it. (from Corey @FF)

Julian/Victoria scene filmed 3/20 (thank you to Corey)

The scene between him (Austin) and Daphne looked really intense. You can’t see her at all which means that she was behind the desk I think. But we saw him the whole time and he’s talking and then he starts using his hands like he’s trying to make a point. Then he turns to leave and she must say something that really gets to him and he whips back around and starts talking like he’s on a mission and then turns back toward the door again and gets to the door, turns and has one final say, and then walks out. And his face after he walks out is SO sad.

Added 3/17

LP Fliming Pics - Wedding set


Credit: BrucasplusNaley @ FF

Mellissa got a call sheet from today. Just more details. Title of the episode is Forever and Almost Always

Title = “Forever and Almost Always”

Scene 42


NATHAN and HALEY at home

Scene 43


NATHAN and HALEY peek on sleeping JAMIE

Scene 47


LUCAS and PEYTON come home to candles and rose petals.

Scene 49


PEYTON looks at rose petals

Scene 51


PEYTON begins to bleed

Scene 52


LUCAS finds PEYTON - End of Episode

Here is the

Filming Thursday 3/12, Friday 3/13

Wedding reception was filmed at TRIC. Everyone was dressed up in suits and summer dresses. We saw lilies coming out. A scene was filmed between Mouth and Nathan at the bay. Nathan looked upset and Mouth comes to talk to him. White limo was there. Kate sang. Nick and Austin got in a fight. Austin had a black eye.

Filming Monday 3/16

Scene 34: Nathan and Haley at TRIC/Women’s Bathroom

Scene 36: Nathan and Haley kiss in TRIC/Women’s Bathroom

Scene 5: Mia and Chase before the wedding at TRIC

Scene 44: Mia and Chase see Julian at the bar at TRIC

Scene 25: Skills fills Lauren’s glass: Jamie needs him at TRIC: Jamie, Skills, Fergie, Junk, Lauren all are in this one

Scene 26: Jamie and Skills have a heart to heart on TRIC loading dock

Props: Mic Stand, Musical Instruments, Mia’s Guitar, Wedding Cake, Champagne, Glasses, Drinks, Julian’s drink, Door Lock, Wedding Dress

Equip: Nathans Scars, Julian’s Eye

Filming on Tuesday 3/17

Extras including TRIC staff and reception guests report at 11am

Scene 42: Nathan and Haley at Nathan’s House

Scene 43: Nathan Haley and Jamie at Nathan’s House/ Jamie’s Bedroom

Scene 28: Peyton & ? TRIC/Office

Scene 47 49 51: Peyton at Lucas’ House

Scene 52: Peyton and Lucas in Lucas’ Bedroom

Filming on Wednesday 3/18

Cast included looks like the whole list

Scene 14, 16, 18, 20: Lake/Altar

Scene 15, 17, 19: Lake/Congregation

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OTH 6.22 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Lucas/Jamie

Mensagem  Pat em Qua Abr 29, 2009 10:09 pm

OTH 6.22 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Lucas/Jamie

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One Tree Hill 6.23 Sneak Peak #1: Nathan/Haley

Mensagem  Pat em Ter Maio 05, 2009 9:15 pm


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One Tree Hill 6.24 Sneak Peak #1: Nathan/Jamie

Mensagem  Pat em Ter Maio 12, 2009 9:29 pm


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16/05 | Ausiello fala sobre o final da temporada

Mensagem  Pat em Dom Maio 17, 2009 9:44 am

16/05 | Ausiello fala sobre o final da temporada
Em: One Tree Hill, Spoilers -

Confira algumas perguntas feitas ao colunista Ausiello da EW sobre o final da 6ª temporada de One Tree Hill. Continue lendo para conferir as respostas. Obs: CONTÉM SPOILERS!

#1 - Triste por Chad e Hilarie saírem de One Tree Hill. Pelo menos conte se Lucas e Peyton vão ganhar uma saída bonita no finale de segunda –Tracey

#2 - Me diga alguma coisa sobre o finale de One Tree Hill! –Christy

#3 - Dê um furo sobre os novos personagens que vão se juntar à One Tree Hill na próxima temporada. –Janelle

#1 - Ausiello: De acordo com a Jennifer Armstrong da EW, que viu o episódio final ontem, Leyton “definitivamente chegará a um lugar natural de descanço que vai cair como uma luva para eles e fechar sua história belamente; porém, eles não ganham nenhuma saída de tipo nenhum.” Falando na saída de Chad e Hilarie, em um futuro muito próximo estarei postando uma notícia que qualquer fã de Tree Hill irá querer ler. Acredite.

#2 - Ausiello: O que mais você tem, Armstrong? “Brooke finalmente ganha as duas coisas que ela mais queria a muito tempo, nós descobrimos o destino de Peyton e do bebê, e Whitey (o treinador de basquete do colégio THHS aposentado) e Karen (mãe de Lucas, interpretada por Moira Kelly) aparecem.” Obrigado por identificar esses últimos dois, ’porque eu não saberia de quem você estava falando. De fato, ainda não sei. [sarcasmo?]

#3 - Ausiello: As novas três faces incluem: Quinn, a irmã mais velha, livre de espírito e cheia de vontade de Haley; Alexis, uma modelo-atriz louca em seus 20 anos que Brooke contrata para ser a nova cara da sua linha de roupas; e Clayton, um jovem agente de esportes que tem Nathan como cliente.

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Re: Spoilers da Série

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Conteúdo patrocinado

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